Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's to the month...

they don't make songs like they used to...

september is my favourite time of the whole year.  it is transformative. ok, i'm a little bias because it's my birthday…but it is also because it is a rebirth. it is, at it's core, a time for change. our back-to-school inclinations kick in and we begin to think about what way we want to finish out the year. who do i want to be at the end of 2012? it's the final push to achieve all the things you promised you'd accomplish with none of the clichéd pressure and hostility that comes with the overbearing January 1st. it's a private, personal moment of thought; the quiet before the storm.

art in bloom: mark colle's floral & perspex 

september is as creative and artistic,  open minded and open hearted as you want it to be. for fashion magazines, september is the biggest and best, the most anticipated issue. september hosts the fashion weeks that reveal spring/summer collections. in dublin, theatre and music festivals spring into life. it's a month that sees the birth of hard labour for those in creative crafts, and a pure education for the audiences who see them. i always feel that for those who find theatre and music intimidating, september offers an easy introduction to both in the form of the absolut fringe dublin theatre festival and hard working class heroes. it is all inclusive, is september. learning something about oneself is the hardest and greatest part of any time.

september is the most change-full month i know, making it liable to throw up anything..and that's not always easy but it's certainly invigorating. it is self examining. and, just like being back to school, we learn something this time of year. learning something about oneself is the hardest and greatest part of any time of any year or month or date.

jil sander campaign 1996

it's a change in what we wear, (yes, even in 4-seasons-in-a-day Ireland there is a change come september) where you find you hold a jumper a little closer to your chest and squeeze it a little tighter round your shoulders, make sure you're buttoned all the way up; it makes way for winter woolies and boots and introduces the idea of  a darker evening and a reason to find a warm space to meet and hide.

september is ephemeral; like every month, it is different every year in what it brings...but the expectation and where we hold september with us is always with change, and something new.

this september i'll be…applecitaing the work of photographer sØlve sundsbØ and his recent collaboration with w magazine. very fitting to the theme of change 
and our changing idea of what beauty is. Watch the video of the installation here : http://vimeo.com/37253200

change in fashion now means raf simons will debut at dior while jil sander is back designing at her own label. i can't wait to see what each of them will do.. i loved raf's work at sander and jil will no doubt reprieve her role to her former glory.

raf simons at dior couture 

and change is visual in miike snow's video for animal. i love this song! i'm pushing the change thing now aren't i?...ok , over and out..

miike snow, animal 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surf's Up...

Is that the sun I see peering through the clouds at us from way up over high? We daren't say it out loud incase it upticks and runs for good, but summer time seems to have come at last. In the spirit of sunny dispositions ( and an unending amount of optimism) I've picked my perfect beach essentials and accessories for seaside sessions. Long may we bathe and balm...


round-frame metal sunglasses, le steel, net-a-porter.com* fluero dip hem dress, topshop*  
in the spirit of st barth's by pamela fiori, hardcover book, net-a-porter.com*
clear tote, moschino, claireinc.com* summer palette, chanel* hydra life bb cream, dior 
 green palm print bandeau bikini top with halter neck strap, river island*
light wash super short denim hot pants with rip detailing, river island 
ancient greek sandals, thalia, matchesfashion.com** 
hummingbird-print fine-knit cotton scarf, jil sander, net-a-porter.com
lauren bikini, lisa marie for peter pilotto, matchesfashion.com* eau de jardins, clarins

Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is a moment shared. I can see it.  I can see the face and the shoes, the walls and the ceiling. There is no clock on the wall, or time in the picture. But I know it is dark out, and very still. I can see the brow of a face and I can smell the scent of him. I know a feeling. All other details are blurry or irrelevant. But I can see shoes by a table end and coats strewn on tall chairs, draped over wooden shoulders. I can see their fur and cotton duffels, their pockets’ peeking gloves; their wet buttons and damp, crisp collars. There are toes curling in stockings and nylon, a hemline just so, décolletage concealed but bare wrists on show. Vulnerable napes on necks and brow bones animating. I can see caution and worry disappear and, instead, soft cotton brushing silk. These two should never meet; now they long to be close. I can see carefully creased lines, folds, steamed, pressed and poised, fall away into a hold. I see the thought, the long thought, of a presentation of form become a thing to remove and reveal the underneath. Love is a beautiful clothed and unclothed thing. 

Well loves, did i mention i've written a little something for the newest issue of thread magazine? an interview with the irreverant eoin dillon no less. get thee to the gallery of photog in meeting house square to see the exhibition and pick up a copy. can you tell  i'm excited  


Saturday, January 28, 2012

hi stranger...

hello blogland! how are you ? yes, it has been almost 2 months to the day since i last posted, the longest i have ever been on the missing list (including final exams in college, yikes!) , but with good reason. i finally have an internship and not only does it take up most of my internet time but a loads of my fashion thoughts and ideas too, so i've been a very quiet girl where s-o-s-ew is concerned..don't get me wrong, i'm having the most amazing time interning at IMAGE magazine and it's teaching me more than i could have imagined! i can't forget where i got my fashion rocks-off before the mag though and want to keep this going too!

i also want to say to everyone blogging out there keep it up because i found out that the blog was a big reason i got the internship, a very encouraging thought after a lot of solitary days spent typing thoughts and wondering if it was just my own appetite i was serving. blogs are HUGELY important and you have no idea when it'll be your online portfolio for your dream job!

i plan to write lots more about all of this but, for now, back to the fun stuff! lust lists for spring are abound with digital prints but one way to channel the trend has really captured the s/s '12 spirit...welcome to the print dress...

print and colour obviously. stick as many kaleidoscopic meldings as possible together and embrace neon, pastel, and the rest . 
high neck and legs out. it's springsummer after all, so keep it short with thigh skimming hems and sweet by creating decolletage- concealing silhouttees.sleeve length optional.
the heroes. beinspired by the designers who nailed this (especially in london). see mary katrantzou, peter pilotto, christopher kane, prada and the immaculate cat print piece by the wonderful victoria beckham...

 mary katrantzou

 peter pilotto

 christopher kane


victoria beckham


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

happy birthday, blog !

it's been a wonderful 2 years writing at s-oh -s-ew...i've met some of my best friends through this blog and , learnt more than i can recount and had so many incredible experiences because of it - i've been a very lucky blogger..so happy birthday, blog! thank you for the memories and here's to the next year  :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

the better fashion shop....

very excited for the launch of better fashion shop today...it's the brain child of the folks at re-dress and  offers everything from clothing made from recycled materials, organic pieces , fairtrade wears and items produced ethically from around the world ...

go check it out , some really great irish designers like
heather finn and jewellery designer eily o’connell are available in the shop...and just in time for christmas, now that's a retail indulgence you can feel good about!

'fake it 'til you make it...'

i love this, courtesy of  the wonderful blog jakandjil

someone wise once said to 'fake it 'til you make it' 
-  a mantra i'll be channelling today!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the lady wore chanel...

i got some really exciting fashion-career related news today and i feel as good as gaga must've last night as she stepped out in new york ...
you know life is swell when you have mr. lagerfeld designing a dress just for you...luck was a lady for gaga last night as she launched her barney's christmas workshop dressed in a custom chanel piece...the tweed gown was adorned with chanel's signiature camillas,  pearls and bows (naturally) , topped off wit a headpiece and teetering platforms...


Monday, November 21, 2011

happy monday with mcqueen....

 happy monday everyone ! mine has just been made by this alexander mcqueen 'behind the scenes' video of the spring '12 show...it is so beautiful and sure to get you out of post weekend blues...enjoy xo


Thursday, November 17, 2011

absolut mode...

there's nothing like a pink vodka, beautiful gallery space and a versace bikini in the middle of november to get the fashion spirits up and the launch of the absolut mode collection, in the loft space this week, did just that...

the launch celebrated the designs of 5 innovative and exciting irish designers for absolut vodka as well as the designs of past collaborators including versace, manolo blahnik and hugo boss..top music, drinks and fashion ensued, with the clothing and exhibition on display..stylist and editor aisling farinella curated the exhibition and was there on the night to say a few words...the highlight, for me, was the short film showcasing the irish designs in a beautiful moonlit backdrop of our fair city...

 natalie and her beaming friend stand in front of her absolut mode dress... both sporting beautiful pieces by the designer...

 more pieces at the exhibition include designs by helen steele, simone rocha, eilis boyle and sorcha o' raghallaigh...

laser cur leather, cobweb-like lace, cocoon shapes and chandelier - inspired silhouettes...i had my favourite but i'm not going to tell...

james kavanagh from thinkhouse and a very chic friend enjoying the absolut party...

 photographs by rich gilligan..

these manolo blahnik boots are amazing !!

the exhibition runs til the 20th and is  well worth checking out..i was tempted to post so many more photos but resisted in the hopes you will pop in to see the work in person..the calibre of irish design is astounding and so inspiring... it was incredible to rub shoulders and chat to the designers themselves who were more than excited to be a part of the project..


Monday, November 14, 2011

just cos...

 the cos press day was full of the clothes i had anticipated; structured , lean materials , subtle pleats and slits and moulded bust shapes are what cos has become famous for and their s/s 12 collection is no different...the jewel colours and tweeds juxtaposed the derelict and graffetied back drop of the annexe @ earlsfort terrace last tuesday and, despite the chilly interior of the stone house, the warm reception more than made up for it...i had a great time chatting to the curators and i  happily blogger -  spotted inside as i browsed the jersey wear, fine knits and tweeds..

there is a definite workwear feel to this collection but simplicity is at cos' heart...a covert zip detail or transparent panel were the only embellishments on the otherwise classic pieces...thanks so much to the team for a wonderful preview and let's hear it for a store all of its' own in dublin soon..

  transparant panel on an otherwise classic lbd..

i loved these baby blue shorts that were so soft to the touch and the fine knit which had a surprising warmth to it...

the menswear is full of grea, durable materials , clean lines and muted colours..