Sunday, February 7, 2010

valentine's day dreaming.....

with the approach of valentine’s day , thoughts of mine are wandering towards the appreciation of the alpha sex and , in particular, those less aesthetically challenged in the clothing seem to be either incredibly disinterested in their fashion choices, get it completely wrong or (more often than not) don't bother for fear of looking like a ponts! but, thank heavens (and google images) for those men who embrace their masculinity and thoughts of fitted suits, shirts and, i salute the crème de la crème of young fellas setting a rare but greatly appreciated standard for fashion sense among males...

first up : mark ronson- he has masteres the suit up trend with effortless cool and tall/dark/handsome charm,  accessorised with headphones or musical doubt his designer sibling charlotte has been a positive influence but mark takes great pride in his own fashionist beliefs creditting jazz greats 
Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Max Roach and Milt Jackson as his inspirations..




 next up are two men from the t4 presenting crew; steve jones and rick edwards, both of whom exude style. steve is more of a classic macho-tailored model  (great basic jeans teamed with fashion foward colored jumpers , shirts etc.) while rick exudes power preppy( think fred perry and indie band foals)

steve jones 

rick edwards

caleb folowill (kings of leon frontman) has had  a style revolution since his early beginnings(notably his haircut ), but has kept his rock sensibility in terms of his trademark flannel shirt and messy-rock n' roll -chic appeal...never has a tee and jeans looked so good!


caleb followill

happy valentine's.......enjoy ladies! 


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