Monday, September 20, 2010

big blogger bash...

after much anticipation (and baking) , i headed to to the bbb at mcgrattons , just off merrion square on saturday night... sequins, cupcakes and lipstick equipped! 

the night surpassed all expectations; every one of the girls was stylish, intelligent, inspiring and we spent the nigh bouncing around ideas and issues we all feel irish bloggers are up against..everyone was so supportive and it really felt like a community (albeit a wine filled one) in the reserved (thank you whisty!) nook we had there...

worst fashion moment confessions' a la ' was a highlight of conversation as well as fashion tales from the girls and london fashion week insider info from's the photographic information and to the next bash ! x

the outfit:

the venue:

the night:

the toast:

the shoes!:

we all feel that blogging is more a vocation than a pastime for us - it's an all consuming flurry of writing, photo taking and always thinking about that elusive 'next post'...good to hear that everyone suffers 'blog fatigue' at times and that we're still trying to figure out how the irish media can incorporate blogs into their publications and programming...we're stronger in numbers , even while teetering in heels, so watch out!

thanks to all the girls for a great night :)


  1. aww such a fun night :) again, hilarious how I'm not in any pics but my shoes are!! hehe xxx

    we gonna set up a casual cork one for this week?xx

  2. Such a good night, I'm already excited for the next one!!!
    Lady Peach

  3. Can't wait for the next one! I'm itching to start organising it was so much fun getting everyone together...I love it that a casual thought of mine and Whisty's blew up into something so lovely!

    Also please burn that pic where my face is shamefully contorted *sigh*

  4. Fabulous night!!! Cannot wait for the next one! And I know we all said it a million times but thank you oh so much for the cupcakes! x

  5. looks like ye had a skit - love all the outfits. im totally there next time!! .x. and your tattoo is unreal by the way! saw it on what will i wear today!