Sunday, October 31, 2010

locket project...

i came across luna and curious on brick lane last time i visited london and have been keeping up with the shop's events ever since...this caught my eye and i wanted to share it with the blogger world in case anyone else wants to get involved! 

it's an invitation from the shop to be part of a project based around their friend rheanna's locket range...with it (engrave it, paint it, melt it etc.)...afterwards,return the locket and it'll be included in this comical project.

it's a really cool idea and a chance to be part of an art project , which is always fun...and given the jewelery and pieces the shop sells,it'll be beautiful too...for more information click here and hurry! rheanna tells me there aren't many left...


  1. Looks amazing... I collect charms so this intrigues me!


  2. i'm like BACK reading you. i did this project too!!! i never heard what happened to all the lockets though. my locket that i returned was LAME. what did you do?
    x fi

    ps we have bags to give away over on saveourshoes