Sunday, December 12, 2010

inspiration - demi moore, harper's bazaar and a giraffe...

i'm a huge magazine editorial fan...the shoots are an incredible combination of art and fashion and i spend hours looking at spreads in of all time favourites is a shoot harpe'rs bazaar did with demi moore in was styled by rachel zoe (a woman either loved or hated by the fashion public and who has been openly accused of putting pressure on her clients to lose weight) , but after watching her reality tv series i have to say that,  rumors aside, she seems really down to earth and her body of work and status alone are a force to be reckoned with...this shoot is pretty much a dream scenario ( alexander mcqueen shoes , marc jacobs bloomers, chanel mini dress) and obscurely sized props (including a chair and giraffe) culminate in a visually beautiful spread...

it's such a surreal spread and the clothes and accessories are looks like so much fun! exactly as fashion should be :) you can watch the episode segment below and see how it was created...



  1. amazing photos, very unusual clash of things that at the end really work together. Just bought a book on Rachel Zoe, we'll see which (hate/love) side I'll end up on ;)

  2. ooh is it the a to zoe style book ?? was gonna buy it last night but put it on my wishlist...let me know what it's like :) x

  3. Love the pic of Demi on the chair... oversized props just make everything look cooler. x

  4. oh wow, this is so so pretty. love the one with the red balloons!

  5. Was just about to comment about the Rachel Zoe book, Style A-Zoe but see I was bet to it! I lusted after it for a while and eventually got my paws on it about a year ago. I think it is absolutely excellant, I love it and still refer back to it for inspiration now and again.. I try to read as much as possible on Fashion related subjects so as to not be overly influenced by one person's vision or opinion but I would definitely recommend making it part of your collection ladies.
    PS Joe, that shoot is soooo cute! I'm a sucker for editorials too :)
    Andrea xx

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