Monday, January 24, 2011

3 good things to come...

hello friends! just a quick post to check in with you and thank you for reading s-oh-s-ew...i'm going to hit the 200th post mark this week and i'm really excited about feels like a good time to be reflecting on what i've done and what i want to do's been so much fun so far :) so here's a trio of s-oh-s-ew events that'll be coming your way  this week :

* i'll be posting a succession of photos from my first shoot , hope you enjoy them :)
* a new drop - d article will be out over the next couple days and it's all about love and jumpers..
* couture show coverage ! paris has some expensive taste this week and i'll be posting the pick of the best ..

and i'll be asking you to help me out with a vote in a competition (if i manage to finish my entry on time!)

stay tuned


  1. also excited about the couture I'm liking what I'm seeing so far x