Monday, January 3, 2011

guest posting..

i can't imagine a better start to 2011 than guest posting at one of my favourite blogs...the licentiate has given me a coveted slot today and i am determined to milk it for all it's worth! the blog is a treat for the eye, mind and fashion appetite and relishes all things style, pop culture and art  (past and present) ...if you haven't already checked it out, do it today by clicking here and reading s-oh-s-ew's post on ' my personal style resolutions' piece was inspired by the being that was isabella blow , whose biography i have just finished (thanks santa!) and was incredibly moved by.. and while you're at it make sure you read noisy shoes post..i've just discovered her blog and love it..a huge thank you to sarah for asking me to pipe in and for her blogging enthusiasm which always inspires...get following her on twitter and facebook for a daily fix and you can indulge in her weekly fashion column in the cork independent too!



  1. haven't got that book yet but it looks brill, can't wait to have it ;)

  2. If we could ever meet up I'll lend it to you, really enjoyed it :)

  3. Just read your post and loved it! x