Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mad men...

along with the rest of civilisation, i've become obsessed with mad men...even with the volume turned down, the show's costume and attention to detail with the sets are forces to be reckoned with and so much fun to watch...it's been great to see how the show has had it's effects on the fashion industry...busty girls in full skirts were in full force in louis vuitton this season and last year the 'mad men' craze kept everyone embracing a more sophisticated take on fashion...that whole era makes me long for a kind of romance and ettiquette that we seem to have grown out of (or away from) today (minus the sexism , of course) especially in regards to the clothing...in light of all this mad men-ery , my friend aisling linked me to this app on facebook which allows you to 'mad men' yourself! so much fun and an excellent escape from the tuesday slump..try it yourself here ....here's my modified self (complete with cigerett holder; doesn't the show really make you want a smoke ?! )



  1. hahaha this is awesome we need to do this! We have only jumped on the mad men bandwagon in the past two months! Thank God its bloody addictive! x

  2. Snap - I wrote something about Mad Men recently too. I did Mad Men myself but it looked a little bit too much like me... kinda spooked me out!

  3. you will be addicted in no time! Aren't Roger's one-liners the best?