Wednesday, January 12, 2011

read my mind...

here's a peek inside the considerings of my psyche this week...and , yes, that is leighton meister on a pony! she's the new face of missoni and i love the campaign.. it's bright, it's cheery and it's astonishingly refreshing to see a campaign feature a smiling model ! 

leighton for missoni

Victoria has had her fair share of jibes over the years but she's finally won the respect of the fashion crowd with her turn as designer and a much coveted vogue uk cover...she looks beautiful in photographs by alasdair mclellan and blue cashmere.. i'm a posh fan and this interview shows her in a new light - with a sense of humor and  surprisingly down-to-earth nature...

fashion weeks and awards seasons are approaching fast and with them will come more sartorial conversation material than you can shake a stick the meantime, leigh lezark, here on the streets of  new york, (image courtesy of models off duty) will keep us at bay until runway, fashion week and red carpet pictures start flooding in..



  1. don't forget Posh had a cover before though

    I too am a big fan though, team Posh!

  2. Leighton and Leigh in one post....swoon galore

  3. @ Goon Squad : I meant since her arrival as a designer (since she's been waiting for approval from the industry) , should've made that clearer! thank you for the link :)

  4. I just remember vividly because I sprung for a copy of Vogue and there she was on the cover. Oh the penniless life of a student

  5. That Vogue was amazing! Best in a long time! x