Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when in paris...exploring saint germain de prés

here's a quick guide for a day in paris....
i love the saint germain de prés area. it's boutiques, cafés, the smells, the is the opposite of the grandeur of the champs élysées but has that innate parisian feel that the city is known for...if you have just one day to check it out, here are a few tips to cover the essentials...

café de flore

café de flore is a famous people-watching spot in the beautiful saint germain de prés area of is said to have been home to most of france's intellectuals and artists after the II world war, and the art-deco decorated interior hasn't changed much since...
i had always wanted to go, sip a tasse de caffé and see what all the fuss was about; sitting outside in the sunshine of the 6th  arrondissement watching parisian style in all of it's glory, ever aware of the artistic and literary minds who have sat seeing what you see now too...this is the place to do it!


tashen is a fantastic art book shop i found on rue buci ( not far from café de flore) and included everything from photography retrospectives to saucy french porno portfolios...

le depot vente de buci

to finish off a day in the saint germain de prés, have a peek in this beautiful vintage's specialties were the rare vintage chanel shoes and one-off's tiny , once inside, and very pretty..

and explore around! take it all in :)


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