Friday, April 29, 2011

a dress fit for a queen....

so, i know a lot of you are doing this at the thought of any more wedding discussion....

but i'm still in awe of the mcqueen dresses ( kate's gown, her sister pippa's bridesmaid dress and the evening dress made for kate for the night's festivities..will we get a picture of it over the next few days?*)...what an incredible outfit, from the lace and bodice to the delicate veil, sarah burton should be really proud of creating a dress that was appropriate for the occasion, classic enough that it'll stand the test of time and with that v-neck and bodice , just mcqueen-edged enough to hush the critics...

here are some pictures of princess weddings of the past which, no doubt, both kate and sarah took note of while dreaming up the latest addition to the regal gowns...and congratulations to the royal couple :)

princess marina of greece 

princess margaret

 princess elizabeth

princess grace 

princess diana

 princess kate 

* here's the second dress!


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  1. speesdy royal post, love it :)

    I actually am IN LOVE with Kate and both her dresses. *jealous*