Monday, April 11, 2011

home-made earrings....

i love that even chanel's mascara tubes are a thing of beauty...i couldn't bring myself to throw them out, especially when one of them was my first chanel purchase (albeit a teeny one!) from the original chanel store, 31 rue cambon , paris when i was there last i didn't throw them out; i (and by i , i mean my brilliant dad) hacked off the ends of them before i glued some earring backs on..and voila! my own pair of chanel about recycling...



  1. AMAZING!! You are so creative :) Miss the crap outta you, better see you soon xx

  2. brillliant idea! will try to use with something similar :)

  3. kool as!!! : )

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  4. thanks ladies! Looking forward to seeing some others give it a go :) x

  5. Oh my god I'm SO impressed! Deffo doing that to mine! Ok, my Dad will! Great idea!

  6. This is very creative! I hate throwing my chanel mascaras out once they have finished becasue the packaging is lovely and it seems like such a shame to just chuck it in the bin.
    I have linked this post in my blog and used an image I hope you dont mind