Wednesday, May 11, 2011

magazines to know...

always the magazine addict, i love discovering fashion lit that does things a little bit differently and wanted to share my latest loves with you...bullett magazine is only in it's second issue but it is definitely one to's ediotorials are stunning and the unisex mag covers everything from fashion, film and art to music...have a look at the magazine's website here

the new issue of twin magazine is out now too and , although it's really more of a book and timeless collectors piece, it has contributions from poet jo shapcott , artist aurel schmidt and alice delall...and , most importantly, it feature the work of celestine cooney our very own irish styling success story...have a peek at their website , get subscribing and bury your head in something beautiful...



  1. Ah magazine candy... Do you have copies of these Jo? Would love to take a look at them.

  2. i had a pdf of bullett but it's been taken down :( I'll lend you the last twin ! x