Monday, June 27, 2011

one for the boys...

i often feel like i neglect the masculine sex..sure, it's important to blog what you know, but sometimes i feel rather ignorant when it comes to blogging about all things boys.. that's why i was delighted when i came across kris van assche...the belgium born designer boasts stints at yves saint laurent and dior homme and has now branched out solo..his collection , shown in paris this week, allowed the designer to 'embark on an aesthetic quest, pursuing a new masculinity infused with poetry and authenticity'.....van assche has a love of men who take the time to dress up and i have to agree..although jeans and a tee have their appeal (and they do) , the allure of a sharply dressed man is still as enticing as ever - perhaps even more so now that the modern world allows few occasions for men to really dress up...i digress!! here is kris van assche's latest collection...clean lines and shorter leg lengths bring a new edge to some old favourites....


  1. Great post Jo - if this collection is the fruits of embarking on an aesthetic quest then I need to go on one stat.

  2. thanks Sarah :) really must look more into men's collections.. inspiration for us too !