Friday, July 29, 2011

hotel s-oh-s-ew...our third guest:lady steele....

don't be fooled dear reader...her name may conjure up dreams of an iron fist, but in reality this lady's name represents the endless knowledge she has borrowed from the wisest minds of the world...this guest has returned home from a study in the states and is brimming with can see her now in the reception where she is checking in for a long stay at last...

A catwalk show is like a moving gallery exhibit – a parade of gorgeous, inspiring art, arranged and shown to its best advantage. On the catwalk, the model is just a frame; the clothes are the real stars, and rightly so. But when you wear clothes in your life, the clothes are just staging and props for the real work of art that is you. So you have to dress for you – cliché, but true. The further you are from the catwalk ideal, the more important this is. As a short, fat woman who loves a nice rigout, I’ve learned the following principles the hard way:

1.      Style before fashion: It’s great to play around with trends. (And it’s okay to make mistakes too. If you can’t look back at old photos and cringe at your wild, over-ambitious fashion don’ts of the past, I say you haven’t lived.) But you can avoid being a fashion victim if you prioritize style (what looks good on you) over fashion (what looks good on the catwalk). It’s better to be an amazing you than a poor man’s Kate Moss. It helps to remember, too, we are not always the best judges of our own looks. Go to friends you trust and ask them what suits you. If a little voice in your head disagrees strongly with your friends’ advice, is it your sense of style talking or your insecurity? If you’re really brave, you could even let a trusted friend style you for a day. You might be surprised how good you feel in something you’d never have chosen for yourself!

2.      Fit before size: Size labels are only rough guidelines. Try on a bigger and/or a smaller size before buying. Return stuff that isn’t working (and don’t be lazy about returning online purchases – get that money back and use it for clothes that do you justice!). Mass-produced clothes are fitted on models who have the average measurements. If you have different proportions, it may be a struggle to find a proper fit, but it’s worth the effort. Consider having garments tailored to suit your figure. I’m lucky to have a mammy who knows her way around a sewing machine, but for those less fortunate, there are plenty of pros about, and their services can be surprisingly reasonable. To find a good alteration service, ask around at dry cleaners, in fabric or craft shops, in vintage shops or anywhere local crafty/arty types hang out. Even consider having one or two multipurpose garments (such as black trousers) made to measure. Tailoring: Not just for debs/wedding dresses.

Just like any art form, fashion is for everyone, but you have to find ways to make it fit in your life. The most beautiful painting in the gallery is no use to you if it doesn’t work in your space. The most stunning clothes in the show are no good to you unless they make you look and feel fabulous. When it comes to styling your life, be picky, be fussy – and be high maintenance, dammit!


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