Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cover wars...

rihanna played in dublin's 02 last night after a strange debackle with a northern farmer (read more here) and looks incredible covering vogue uk in georgio armani prive and a blonde bob...

it's a totally different look for the singer in comparison to her vogue us cover earlier this year..the vogue us and vogue uk covers are sharing some of the same stars , but who do you think does it better  ? fashion face off !
                                                 usa                                     vs                                    uk

who do you think does it better ? 





  1. I don't really like Rihanna in blond and I also think she's way too photoshoped in those pictures for UK Vogue, I do like the fact that she's on the cover of a great fashion magazine once again though.
    I must say I prefer the US Vogue covers, they stand out more than the UK ones.

    Fashion Philosophy

  2. that's cool Dominika ! i think the usa and uk are really distinct always arn't they ? even in elle and harper's...i'm a uk fan ! little more rock n roll, less glamour.. xo