Thursday, January 7, 2010

fcuk me !

despite the ringing in of a shiny, new decade,  i'm absolutely uninspired by the high street selections...the i-heart-paris/nautical theme is still raving rampant when , frankly, it's a new year and a new season....which is why french connection is a breath of fresh air and has provided me with thy much needed sigh of relief in the form of it's colourful on-trend tangerine bangle, victorianesque bella jumpsuit and la story dress (which spookily resembles a vintage piece i've been eyeing up in my local for quite some time).... not to mention the range of simple ts which, teamed with jeans or (weather permitting) high-waisted shorts, are recession proof and deliciously fresh for spring.....fcuk me!

coloured bangle

bella jumpsuit

la story dress

hendrix and blondie t


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