Thursday, July 22, 2010

freaks and geeks

i've just discovered this series , 'freas and geeks' , from the 90's but set in 80's in stars the beautiful james franco, seth rogen and jason segal and resembles my teenage life in too many ways! lindsay weir (the heroine) and her fellow freaks conjour up the kind of nostalgia for your teens that only the spice girls could rival... it's the perfect solution to a gossip girl-less summer..and it's so cool to see these 3 now very famous boys in their early beginnings! franco is now the face of gucci and is fantastic in 'james dean' the biopic... he's come a long way..

'lindsay weir '
'daniel desario'

'nick andopolis'

 'ken miller'

'kim 'kelly' 

'sam weir' 

 sam, bill and neal 
- the geeks

the freaks


  1. What an amazing show! Although I hate Sam with a passion...the most annoying irritating child in the world...especially when he wore that blue overalls suit...I don't think I have ever cringed so much in my life. His nerdy friends are the best though!