Thursday, July 22, 2010

lotions and potions...

these are the beauty bits i'm enjoying at the moment! i've splashed out on the body shop's vitamin e moisturising cream (€14.95) and it was worth it -  a teeny bit goes a long way to a really rich cream that's not greasy and smells favourite find (which i stole from my sister a year ago..sorry ruth!)  is the natural collection's pressed powder from boots- it's light and ridiculously reasonablly priced (€2.99!) and lasts an age, i havn't looked back,..after becoming addicted to victoria secret beauty last year while visiting america, i had to buy a stock of their body mist when i came across them in heathrow airport recently..i didn't think they could be bought anywhere this side of the atlantic (until the first london store opens later this year- countdown on) so i was delighted to spot them in duty free! i'm using the watermelom flavour right now...perfect summer fragrance to spray all over without leaving everyone in the room choking on your scent! (€9.95)


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