Sunday, October 17, 2010

something for crossword

i'm a certified nerd in many facets of life , and earlier this year i was inspired by the idea of a fashion crossword, so i've created my own for all of you fashion informed out there! perfect for a lazy autumn sunday in a big chair ...i'll post the answers during the week, good luck :)

1.                    1.     4 ladies, 1 city and 1 fabulous TV series  (4)
2.   This pop star swapped her career for a new friend;Lucy in... (8)
3.     This blog ‘is in your place’ (3, 5)
7.     This magazine’s online forum has Ms. Palermo at its helm (4.3)
8.     Not a diamond, but it will still sparkle (5)
10.   Nearly white but not quite; this is a colour seen this season at Chloe (5)
11.   This season’s ‘it’ colour – no sand required! (5)
16.   Roberto’s ‘just’ cause (4, 7)
18.   See answer 11 is ‘this’ / a must have item (2)
19.   Irish store for beautiful things (3)
20.  This Vanessa is a Parisian designer focused on femininity and chunky knits this season (5)
21.   Floor length, knee length – just make sure you invest in one this season! (5)

1.   A popular day to spend, spend, spend... (8)
2.   A fashion icon with a heart of glass (7)
4.   The end of this British label in 2009 was a blow to the industry but this year sees the release of the eponymous designer’s style guide book... (6)
5.   If you must have your feet on the ground, wear a stylish... (4)
6.     As seen at Celine – skirts made of ... (7)
9.     Get one, wear one, and fly (4)
10.  Last season, many dared to go Dutch with these (5)
12.   It’s so high end it’s haute (7)
13.   Frida Giannini’s group (5)
14.   This 2.55’s texture is still a classic (5)
15.   This television show inspired almost everyone for autumn 2010 especially Louis Vuitton (3, 3)
16.   A New York bookshop is the newest addition to this fashion man’s growing empire (6) 



  1. AMAZING idea, sooo creative, love it :) gonna do it now xx

  2. fair play on actually making this! :)x

  3. whats the first onee?? but im gonna steal this for my h/w lol hahaa xx