Monday, October 18, 2010

platform wedges...

after much oogling, i finally purchased these wedge platforms over the weekend..(cheap and cheerful fashion fix at 19 euro from pennys)...they've been everywhere over the last year, but i've been biding my time while i looked  for some inspiration as how best to style they are below along with some pictures i've collected to inspire the outfits to pair them with...(featured: pics from facehunter  and le fashion )



  1. oooh these are gorgeous! hadn't actually spotted them in penneys!

  2. Ahh you bought the shoes after all - nice one!

  3. I got them too:)!! Actually havent worn them yet though! x

  4. I got them in the tan colour (they hadnt black left in my size) but I eventually returned them cuz they totally did nothing for my legs :( and I was broke! i realllly love them tho! amazing! and miss olsen has a pair just like them....oooh sickened :( must diet!

  5. I got them, again, but in black :) wearing them nearly 24 hrs now :D even if they do nothing for my legs :P

    Andrea <3 x