Monday, November 29, 2010

i love your blog interview...

thanks to a suggestion from lady peach , below is my i love your blog interview...a quick q & a session with yours truly..

why did you create your blog?

i really wanted a creative outlet and blogging seemed like the natural format to work's like a portfolio i can share instead of scrap-booking and talking to myself so i suppose this is some sort of therapy for our generation?? or me at least! 


what kind of blogs do you follow?

all kinds of everything! anything with good visuals, different insights , good only stipulation is good grammar!

favourite make-up brand?

I'm a mixed bag when it comes to make up, and loyal to my choices..Chanel mascara, Clinique foundation, natural collections powder (2.99 from boots and it's great) , maybelline blusher and benefit bad gal eyeliner always... 

favourite clothing brand?

topshop never fails me and i love urban outfitters an alternate universe i'd be a chanel, elizabeth and james and miu miu girl...

your indispensible make-up product?

a good moisturiser is the basis for everything! at the moment i'm using origins and it's delicously rich but really pricey...

your favourite colour?

i'm always really comfortable in's never wrong 

your perfume?

love by chloé is my new favourite..this sounds weird but it's kind of what i imagined i'd smell like when i was all grown up..

your favourite film?

there's no way i could ever choose...i'm a musical fanatic (sound of music, the king and i, anyone?) and i'm a huge fan of every james bond movie...but as flawless films go breakfast at tiffany's is number one...


what country would you like to visit and why?
peru is near the top of my list...i'd love to climb to the top of  

matchu's like another universe there..

write a question yourself and answer it: 

what's your dream job ? 

stylist at elle uk magazine...

i think all of my fellow bloggers have done this already so i'll nominate these two to do so if they haven't already x 


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