Sunday, November 28, 2010

see?! books are cool!

hurah! it seems everyone is embracing their bookworm-ness even clemence poesy who sported this fantastic book purse (and vintage chanel) at the harry potter premiere this's designed by olympia le-tan, a french designer who makes book-inspired handbags...greatest idea of all time ? i think so ! so, what book-purse would you want to have ? you really can judge a person by their book-purse cover....



  1. I do love the Olympia le Tan bags - is it just me or would this be insanely easy to DIY with some moderate embroidery skills?

  2. awh i love this! so lovely! Sarah, i agree, it would be really easy to make actually! I dare you to make one and give it away on the blog!! you could start your own little booky fashion label!!

  3. I could totally make one of those!!

    My book would be "Rhyme Stew" by Roald Dahl. Quentin Blake's illustrations would look great on a clutch bag. :)

  4. sarah i'd love to see a waldron attempt ! x