Wednesday, December 22, 2010

blog awards...

i was absolutely thrilled (and really surprised!) to hear the news that i've been nominated for a blog award this year..s-oh-s-ew has been voted as a contender of
'ireland's top fashion blogger' and to look at the other nominees is enough to tell me that this is a special achievement...some of my favourite bloggers are in the running too and it's inspiring to see so much of the irish talent that inspires me being recognised...
check out all the nominees here at faye dinsmore's blog and have a look at the open letter a chick named hermia wrote here  in regards to the separation of fashion and beauty blogs at the IBA's next year...this nomination is pretty much the best christmas present i could have wished for, great inspiration to keep posting and the perfect end to my first year of blogging...good luck to everyone, many thanks to the organisers and here's to lots of new posts and readers in the new year...



  1. Hermia's post was about the irish blog awards that are on next year, because the faye dinsmore awards only cover fashion. The IBAs lump fashion&beauty in together which is totally unfair, right?xx

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  3. just made an amendment to the post , thanks a mil for picking up on that Ais :)x

  4. Goooooooooo us! *jumps in the air*