Monday, February 21, 2011

burberry - live!

cancel all appointments and break out the fashion popcorn! today at 4pm burberry are streaming their a/w 11 show live from here and channel your inner anna del russo, ashley olsen or andre leon talley (depending on your mood)...yes, you too can pretend you're running late ,  latte in hand (mug of tea), when you finally take your seat (couch) and squeeze in next to that fash-obsessed celeb (cat/dog/sibling/flatmate) just in time to see the magic unfold...then , once you've caught your breath, saunter backstage (kitchen) to tell mr. bailey (dad) how diviiiine the collection was before rushing to place your order for the new trench (hello pennys)..truly the stuff fantasies are made of ! it really is very exciting though and i can't wait to see what christopher will pull out of the bag this season as it's one of the rare brands i look forward to seeing the men's too and we can disect afterwards :)


  1. hehehe :) hilarious comparison of the dream vs the reality, love it xx

  2. Oh God yes. Those clear trenches? Want.