Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trend-er bender: suede boots...

my first spring purchase ! a pair of western, suede ankle boots which will be perfect with skinny jeans or bare legs and are the spit off a pair by isabel marant...they're set to be a big spring/summer trend and are sure to be on the coachella, glasto and festival circuit (weather permitting, of course)...kate bosworth and kirsten dunst have been spotted out and about in them already...get channeling a bit of the charming miss nancy sinatra and let your boots do the talking..

new shoes!

 isabel marant western suede ankle booties 



  1. Nancy Sinatra is swirling around my head - Damn you Jo for putting it there!

  2. just mind the rain x

  3. they are the IMAGE of the Isabel Marant ones! super purchase xx