Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a sad day for dior and galliano..

anyone who is a dior fan will be as devastated as i am to learn that john galliano has been let go from the company as of this week...the decision to sever ties with the designing legend comes after a controversial incident that took place between galliano and a woman in restaurant la perla on february 25th..galliano was arrested after being accused of drunken behaviour and anti-semetic comments , a crime which can mean up to 6 years in prison under french law..now that video footage of the designer has confirmed the altercation took place, dior's president and chief executive sidney toledano says they : " unequivocally condemn the statements made by john galliano, which are in total contradiction to the longstanding core values of christian dior,"  and  natalie portman, the face of miss dior campaign and jewish actress has also voiced her disgust: "i will not be associated with mr galliano in any way "... galliano had been suspended but is now confirmed to have been let go from the fashion house , though not without support from the industry. georgio armani has voiced his pity and condolance for the deigner and vogue's  frana sozzani has condemned the accusal argueing that john was drunk and video taped while clearly provoked...in any case this is an awful turn in the career of an incredibly talented individual and a shocking action from one of the fashion world's most respected minds....whatever the truth i hope that galliano will receive the help he needs in this troubling time and that amends will be made...is anyone else as shocked as i am ? i always  believe that most people and those in the creative world are open, sensitive people and respectful and galliano always struck me as someone of great integrity...is that naieve ? was it a mistake or something more calice revealed ? for now dior will continue with their show at paris fashion week next week and galliano's investigation continues but the fashion house is left with a huge void to fill in an unpleasant circumstance...


  1. Im so sad about it, Dior will never be the same:(

  2. i cant believe it - imagine, his whole career is ruined...for life id say! i cant see anyone touching him again. its so sad!