Tuesday, August 9, 2011

central st.martin's - a new start...

college of art and design 

incase you haven't already heard, this october the prestigious central st. martins college will leave it's numerous homes all over london and converge in a brand new building in king's cross..despite the fact that the college will be leaving the old  historic buildings  in soho, clerkenwell, archway and holborn , the talent will have a whole new facility in which to flourish...the fashion college has produced the greatest talent including alexander mcqueen, stella mccartney and mathew williamson while the drama college boasts pj harvey among it's alumni... here's a tour of the new  (almost finished!) college ...

with the incredible talent that the college has churned out it's no surprise that the college said goodbye to the old buildings with a blow-out party (invite only) for students past and present...the entertainment? pulp! here's a clip of the party...imagine dancing to 'common people' with paul smith ! 

last year i visited the college and had a quick interview with will broome (you can see the post here )...the buildings are so beautiful and just being  in the same corridors as the people who studied there before who  have made history was incredible... some people are upset that the old buildings are being abandoned but speaking to debbie cook, an administrator at the college, the old venues were past their prime and the staff are excited to have all five colleges together under one roof...i can't wait to see the new king's cross college and i'm sure though the venue is changing the talent will follow...

 jenny lee 

 ryan strong

raffaele ascione
all graduates

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