Saturday, August 6, 2011

hotel s-oh-s-ew...our final guest:

well, dear reader, our time together is growing to a close...i'm sure you will hear from us again but for now our guests are seeking a little peace and quiet, to finish, our last guest will meet you in the powder room...duchess peach will be waiting for you'll see her alone there in long lace and evening gloves  - she cannot be missed...

The Price of BEAUTY……

I love the world of beauty products. Im totally sucked in by the whole thing. One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is to stroll around the beauty hall in Brown Thomas, or better still, up and down the isles of Boots. The feeling I get when I buy a new beauty product is a pure rush, second only to the feeling when I purchase a pair of killer heels. I like to think of myself as a beauty nerd. I research into new products, Google their ingredients and scan the internet for reviews before I think of buying it to try it for myself.

But I’ve been thinking lately… much do I spend on beauty? A lot! Lipsticks and blush are my favourite makeup picks and I won’t tell you how much I own….its embarrassing. I mean how many shades of pink lipstick does one girl need! Then on the skincare front, be jaysis, I’ve tried nearly every brand out there, expensive and cheap, natural and not so natural. But beauty has become my thing. The years of buying products every week and researching into them has turned into an almost career for myself. I say ‘almost’ as I’m not quite there yet where I make a living out of researching beauty products or, where I get paid to give advice on skincare. Beauty has become to me what paint is to an artist, I live and breathe it. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t live and breathe to doll myself up or slather the next best thing all over my face, no. I’m seriously interested in it. Beauty is fluff, this I know, and some may say shallow but, show me a girl who doesn’t like a bit of beauty, even if it’s just a lick of nail varnish.

Here’s in interesting fact for you – according to a recent study, the average girl spends a total of €140,000 on beauty products in her lifetime! That’s a whole lot of dosh considering most of us fickle ladies wont even finish a lot of those products, and they end up sitting lonely on the bathroom shelf, or zipped away in a spare makeup bag. I’ve personally spent more than that I’d say, and I’m only a quarter way through my life!

So now I’ve taken a step back and had a look at my beauty spending, am I going to hold back a bit? Not a chance! There’s a world of beauty out there waiting to be discovered and researched and I can’t wait to get stuck in!


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