Thursday, October 20, 2011

cindy sherman for mac....

walking through the mac cosmetics counter yesterday i was so excited to see that the make up company's newest collaboration (no, not miss piggy) is with american artist cindy sherman...well, artist is selling her a bit short really; cindy is a photographer, film maker, model, artist , female icon and the creator of the most expensive selling photograph ever ($3.89m)...

sherman has been taking self-portraits since the 70's acting as photographer and model..her pictures depict women in every day situations, often high-lighting how women are depicted in film and magazines and the expectations women face in society...she is constantly reinventing her character  and indeed herself...but in the midst of all the political and social meanings behind the frames, her work is so strikingly speaks for itself..

the 3 collections for the mac campaign include gorgeous metallic shadows, deep purple lipsticks and light ( very christmas party season-y) bronzers... sherman is the perfect candidate for mac; a woman who has embraced her face and body as a canvas to tell a bigger story , the way we all do every day when we get dressed and put on our face for the world. it is not a vain, masking ritual as so many will have you believe - it says so much about us and our minds ,  to take care of ourselves and project who we believe to be onto the world..i love that a whole new generation of women will discover shermann's work because of this collaboration and it goes to prove that mac will continue to choose strong and inspiring women to be the face of their company...

the 3 mac portraits created by sherman for the new campaign...

pop into mac in bt's and have a look for yourself !


  1. Thankyou for sharing this! I love Cindy Sherman. I also love your blog by the way. Keep up the good work :)

    Sammy xxx

  2. thank you so much , that made my saturday ! Ditto, right back at ya and i love that you love cindy :) xo

  3. what is she holding in the first photograph?

  4. It really seems to me like Cindy Sherman is mocking Mac...'em, correction, forget "seems", can someone explain to me how the collections Cindy Sherman did for Mac are anything less than public ridicule?