Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the week's best dressed...

so , i know it's only wednesday but i'm in a weekend kind of mood so here's my pick of who's dressing best this week so far..

first up is amber heard at the elle women in hollywood awards in this gorgeous blush midi length dress...amber is of zombieland and the (now cancelled) hbo series playboy club  fame..i'm guessing it's calvin klein and, paired with her maryjanes and red lipstick, it's the perfect combination of feminine american glamour with a rougher edge..

next is molly king from the saturdays - i love her heeled loafers and doctor's bag which is set to be the new shape of the season..

 despite the fact that she's at least 4 months pregnant, beyonce is still teetering in insane heels ! her trilby is very cute and also, where can i find a person to hold my umbrella for me ?!

 finally, talli lennox is very cute in this vintage dress and i'm pretty sure she's wearing wedges from topshop (which i bought for myself last week)...they're so practical...or at least comfy, depite the height!


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